David Lawson

About sleeplessness and outer space (Insomnia in Space)

Lawson recently wrote and performed in a series of short videos called Old Food

Lawson is on Twitter: @dtlawson

Lawson is on Facebook: click here

You can email Lawson at:

david at dtlawson dot com

Lawson recently acted in and co-wrote an episode of Taylor Miller’s web series Cross Streets.

About video games (No Oddjob)

Lawson has performed on the popular storytelling shows Mortified, Kevin Allison’s RISK! live show, and Mara Wilson’s What Are You Afraid Of?

For over ten years David Lawson has performed one-man shows about things like working on the streets of Times Square (Flyer Guy)

is bringing his one-man show FLYER GUY

to the Providence Fringe Festival        July 26th & 27th

to the Minnesota Fringe Festival August 3rd through August 12th

to the Scranton Fringe Festival September 27 through October 1

about the wildest things that happened to him handing out flyers in Times Square for four years